How do I connect to Wi-Fi?

Union College Wi-Fi (wifi) is available across campus.  There may be as many as 3 Wi-Fi networks available depending on your location on-campus, but each has a specific purpose and method for connecting.


Students connect to the “Union-College” Wi-Fi network using and password (do not use your full email address). If prompted for Domain, enter "".

Chromebook/ChromeOS devices need to have EAP Method set to PEAP.

Need to register a TV or gaming devices? Click here for instructions.

Faculty/Staff, please onboard personal devices. (instruction link coming soon)

UnionIOT (for Streaming devices)

If you have a Streaming/Gaming device, it MUST FIRST be registered and connected to UnionIOT with the password that is provided.  

Go to Instructions: Streaming and Gaming Devices Network Registration (


“Union-Guest” Wi-Fi is for users without a Union College account.  It allows a few hours of access to the Internet for visitors to campus.